2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


Graceful-sensei teaches a new routine to two of her students.Every Thursday (well, almost) I have Japanese Fan Dancing (日本舞踊) class, usually followed by Taiko.  (This week, Taiko is cancelled as most ALTs are still off Iki.)  I’m terrible at it, not least because I, apparently, move like a man.  It doesn’t help that my Japanese is still マーマー –just okay.  Still, it’s a lot of fun, I get to wear a yukata once a week, and I get a good solid dose of Japanese culture.

Here, Graceful-sensei teaches two students a new dance.  These two students also happen to be two of my students at one of the middle schools on the island.


2 responses

  1. I’d love to take this class. Although I’m fairly certain I would be very clumsy in my movements as well. I’m the type that trips over her own feet on a daily basis.

    January 8, 2010 at 02:30

    • K@

      The movements are slow enough that tripping over one’s feet is usually not the problem–instead it’s walking with the knees touching, toes facing inward, in a permanent half-squat, and making sure your neck is turned the right way. The movements are very different from western dance, even just the way we stand. Hence why I dance like a man! 😀

      January 8, 2010 at 23:59

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