2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


Fumiko-sensei apparently wants to become a strawberry farmer.I teach regularly with four Japanese Teachers of English (JTEs): Kumiko-sensei (at my smallest school–under 30 students total), Fumiko-sensei (at my second smallest school–about 60 students total), and Michiko- and Ryoko-sensei (both at my largest school, and the largest middle school on the island, with about 250 students).

This is Fumiko-sensei, proudly holding her strawberry plant (with two future strawberries that are bound to be delicious).  Fumiko-sensei is probably the most organized of all the teachers I work with.  Every Monday (or Tuesday, if we had Monday off), she faxes me the lesson plans for that Thursday.  I’m usually responsible only for a small game–unlike my other two schools, where I plan the entire class.  In the beginning, I really appreciated her because of her organization.  It taught me a lot about how to handle a class, so I wasn’t so frightened at my other schools.

I’ve since learned my own teaching flair, but I still enjoy teaching with Fumiko-sensei!  She has a ready laugh, and she’s always willing to let me blather on about random somethings-or-other (like how the days of the week got their names).  芙美子先生も一番小ちゃい英語の先生だけど、二番若いです。一番若いはりょこ先生です。



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