2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth

02-05 / “E” is for “Eiko”

Eiko.Eiko (no nickname… yet) is one of those oddities on Iki: i.e., she’s young, speaks good English, gets foreign humor, likes foreign people, but lives on our tiny island.  (This is, technically, her home town, at least.)  Most students with prospects like Eiko leave the island, and I think it’s a testament to how wonderful this place is (or how much one respects one’s family) that many stay.

I met Eiko through Brown Sugar (or XXXtine).  She loves music, style, and earrings, the latter of which we bond over.  Earrings are awesome.  But what makes Eiko so special is her very uncharacteristic–for a Japanese person–sarcasm that somehow combines perfectly with her excessive adorable-ness.  Like most girls here, Eiko is sweet in such a sincere way that it makes me feel like I really am a rude Southern barbarian, yet at the same time she treats me with ease and a relaxed manner that is comforting and super kind.

Eiko: you are a spectacular person.  I love that you’re shorter than some of my third year elementary school student but have the personality of a sly bobcat.  Your silliness and touching concern make me feel more welcome and at home than you realize.  And remember that when you get married, you must 1) only change dresses once, and 2) wear a really, REALLY tall hat to hide your uber Horns of Jealousy.


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