2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth

02-24 / “X” is for “Xyzzy”

They sure do look like sakura...This last monday, the average temperature in my bedroom when I went to sleep was about 5 degrees celsius–about 40 degrees.  I set two alarms in the morning, one an hour before I woke up so my air conditioning unit (set on warm) could heat up the room before I got out from under my blankets.  I hated leaving the staff room at school because the hallways were barren, icy wastelands of doom and freezing fingers and toes.

Then two days later, TWO, I went to sleep and it was 18 degrees (about 65F).  I don’t have to wear long johns anymore!  Or two pairs of socks!  Both my kotatsu and my air conditioners are off!  It’s a gorram friggin’ miracle!  …and it’s also very humid.  The flowers have started to bloom.  It’s green–it’s spring!  No sakura yet (about another month), but the plum trees are out in full force.

And oh, in case you aren’t as big of a dork as I am: xyzzy definition.


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