2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


I could go for a good harvesting myself... er...Discovered this shiny poster at the local Culture Hall.  I’m pretty sure it’s some sort of senior-citizens group, like the Red Hats except for men and women.  I’m gonna guess there’s a lot of golfing, cooking, and taking care of grandchildren involved.  That and some government lackey might appear to plead with the folks not to retire as Japan will soon be entering an acute population crisis.  Yay for a non-replacement birthrate!

However, though I get the growth comparison of senior citizens and “harvest” time, I gotta say... not only is harvesting a crap load of work (though I’ve never done it, it looks hard), there’s something about getting chopped down or pulled out of something and then manufactured for eating that just… doesn’t work well with me.  I’m gonna say poor metaphor overall.  Try again!

Update 03-08: I fail at life.  Apparently I don’t read romaji.  This is a poster for a University in Nagasaki-city, which means “harvest” and “second stage” refer to tertiary education.  0_0


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