2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


Delicious!This isn’t Engrish at all (thank you, Haagen Dazs, for always checking the English you use), but rather an example of the myriad of flavors available in Japan.  I don’t know whether this flavor is available in western countries, but it was delicious.  Many companies cater towards Japanese taste–especially with matcha green tea.

Kitkats are another good example of candies with random flavors.  I’ve had pudding kitkats, sweet potato kitkats, green tea kitkats (of course), orange-chocolate kitkats, strawberry kitkats, and my new favorite, sakura-mochi kitkats.  (Sakura mochi are these delicious rice cakes flavored with cherry blossom petals and leaves with red bean paste in the center.  Mmm, mmm good!)


2 responses

  1. I’ve definitely not seen this flavor here. I’d try it though.

    And the sakura mochi kitkats sound YUMMY.

    March 23, 2010 at 03:38

  2. Oh my gosh! I JUST ate that flavour yesterday! I thought it was delish too!

    March 25, 2010 at 20:41

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