2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


The power of sugar.I spent Easter weekend with my eldest sister, who I refer to as Sissy (for sister… her name is not Narcissa or anything like that).  I probably get along with Sissy the best among my whole family, though I don’t know why because most of our interests are completely different.  However, I did idolize her when I was younger–which has led to some of my favorite things today: romance novels, country music, and shoes.  And also some of my dislikes: knees, feet, and eating utensils placed directly onto a kitchen surface, rather than on a paper towel or a plate or something.

She also, apparently, has a new-found love for cotton candy which I was never aware of.  When we went to the Ren Faire, she was hankering for some and, surprisingly enough (<– sarcasm), didn’t find any.  So my mom bought her some at a local Mexican supermarket.  She vacummed it in.  It was pretty impressive, have to say.


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