2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


The myth.  The legend.(Playing catch-up because I didn’t have an SD card reader in America.)

The day before (and the day of, as I was awake past midnight) I left Seattle for Arizona, I got to hang out with my friends Wade, Noah, and Noah’s friend Patrick Heneghan.  Now, I’ve known Noah for about six years now, and I’ve heard so many stories about the good-times hijinks he’s had with Patrick Heneghan, but I’d never met the fellow.  Until March 27.  And boy-oh, I laughed so hard, it was awesome.  He totally lived up to the legend.  But I’ll still never be able to refer to him as just “Pat.”  He remains in my mind either “Patrick Heneghan” or “Captain Heneghan.”

Epic, epic game of monopoly, good sir.  I tip my hat to you, money bags.


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