2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


Nice sky, but freezing!My first day back at “work” was actually an ensoku–picnic–with one of my elementary schools.  I didn’t have to teach any classes, rather, the requirement of the day was to bond with students some more and to get to know the new first graders.  (Adorable!)  I had a lot of fun, especially with some of my favorites who idolize me (yay, ego boosts!), but it would have been way more exciting if it weren’t so cold!  I left the beautiful temperatures of Arizona to come back to 50-60 degree weather!  Bah!  It’s nearly May!  This time last year, I was going to lay out on the beach!  (Not swim, the water was still too cold.)

In any case, it was a pleasant way to get back to work considering how jet lagged I was still.


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