2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


I have the most eclectic taste.(Here finishes my “I stayed in my house the majority of this week because it was raining all the time… and I’m lazy” picture series.)

The shoe is not really a shoe.  It’s a planter shaped like a shoe.  It’s also a present that I keep meaning to give to my excellent friend Yoko, but I haven’t seen Yoko much since arriving back on Iki, so it’s still in my possession.

The earrings, however, are an excellent set that I bought when I went to the Arizona Renaissance Festival.  They’re SO COOL.  Made of bone (I don’t know what animal) and all wingy and full of fun.  I would normally consider them sort-of counter culture, but I didn’t buy them because they’re gothy.  I bought them because they’re just super interesting.  A bit of pizazz to add to my usually bland outfits.  ❤


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