2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


TOMO-CHAN!This is Tomo-chan (or Tomoko).  She’s a doctor.

Once upon a time, back when what I knew about Japan revolved around Sailormoon, my family hosted a Japanese exchange student for a year.  Yes, that was Tomo-chan.

Since I graduated high school, I’ve visited her and her family three times, though I got to see her an extra time for a few hours when I first arrived for the JET Programme.  She is an excellent person, very considerate, smart, adorable, and just a tad lazy (which is completely out of character for most Japanese people).  She’s also “obsessed” with getting married, which makes me giggle.  And she has DIMPLES!  Hey, I never noticed that.  She lives near Tokyo (and by “near” I mean an hour+ out on the train), so I can only visit her during vacation time.  So, since we had three national holidays in a row–golden week!–I, of course, went to see her.  And for another reason… (see 05-02!)


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