2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


It's my house.  Woooo.I was distracted by the movie World’s Greatest Dad (highly recommended to those mature enough to handle extremely black humor and, ah, a lot of Robin Williams), so I didn’t put much thought into this picture.  My thought process actually went something like this:

Wow, that was a good movie.  I should get ready to go to bed.  [look at clock]  Oh, crap.  I haven’t taken a picture yet.  [grab camera.  wander around house looking for things I haven’t taken pictures of yet.] well, I guess this is sort-of interesting.

So every time I go to an art museum or, well, a museum of any kind, really, I buy postcards to serve as my souvenir.  I haven’t been to an art museum in aaaages.  But maybe when Danielle comes.  I really liked the Hiroshima Museum of Modern Art.  I could go back there.


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