2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


What I can't capture is the smell... ugh...Today, one of my middle schools had a “camp,” wherein they went to a local park/beach, pitched some tents, and will be staying there overnight.  It’s a little bit of easy whimsy–not real camping because food and the like are readily available–and it was extra interesting for me because they were joined by a middle school in Osaka.  I thought they’d be very different from my students here–city punks, or some nonsense–but in reality, they were all just as eager and friendly, maybe even more friendly than my students, who tend to be shy.  And all of them knew my name!  (My school put together a video introducing the teachers.  Apparently I was the most memorable.)

This was also the first time I went to Tsuzuki-hama (this particular beach).  It’s the most famous on Iki because it’s the largest, but I have to say, I like the ALTs usual haunt better.  Nishiki-hama has more character, better (and cleaner) sand, and better waves.  Plus I know the staff.  Who are wonderful.  Still, I had a pleasant day alternately reading, napping, and watching my students build epic sand sculptures.  I also tanned despite my use of SPF50.  Bah.


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