2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


Male bonding rituals are a little strange.Here we see an example of a male bonding experience: beer-hands in preparation for the world cup.  I still don’t quite understand it, but it was moderately entertaining.  And that was a lot of beer.  (I did not do this.)  They also later drew mustaches on each other.  Also confusing.  But exceedingly entertaining.

Guy “Chico Money Bags,” TANK, and I travelled up to Tsushima (an island closer to Korea than it is to Japan) to watch the opening games of the world cup with the Tsushima boys.  It was an amazing amount of fun for how simple the weekend was.  And super nice to talk to foreigners outside of the Iki Crew.  As much as I like the Iki ALTs, sometimes it’s nice to get a little variety.  But maybe it was a bad choice for me to wear my high heels.  Hmm…


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