2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


This could make a whole lot of shisha for my hookah :)Iki is a very rural town with many rural-esque commodities: rice, fresh-grown vegetables and fruit, great fish, fantastic meat, and this lovely plant: tobacco.  I drive by this field a lot because it’s next to one of the three grocery stores on the island (the one with the best selection of foreign food).  I was pretty sure it was tobacco before I took this picture, but having never seen it in plant-form before, I wasn’t certain.  Thus, when my tire decided it was time to give up hope and go flat, I asked someone at the car repair shop.  The conversation went like this:

Me: What is that?

Mechanic: What?

Me: Uh… [I don’t know the word for plant.] All that green… stuff.

Mechanic: Oh.  That’s tobacco.


😀  Yay Iki, contributing to lung cancer one leaf at a time.  Wooooooo…


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