2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


Ava is excessively patriotic.Here on Iki, we celebrate ID4 a day early.  (Or two days, if you’re also counting time difference.)  This is mostly because Saturdays are way better than Sundays.  But, as this year we also had a pretty patriotic Canadian around, it became a little more international (Canada Day is ID1!).

I had a great time barbecuing (though James took over about halfway through), cooking, laughing, and swimming in the rain.  It honestly rained the whole day, except for brief 20-minute spurts.  Those 20-minutes were made up with awesome torrential downpours, though.  Everything was so wet!  And maybe it was a bit of a health hazard leaving the meat out for such a long time but… whatever.  I’ll still eat the leftovers unless they smell suspicious.

Here we have TANK showing off her mad Canadian baking skills, with Chico showing off his mad Canada-destroying British skills.  Also in the photo is one of my Japanese Moms, Ozeki-san, who came by for a few hours.  I hope she had a good time.  Please note that I also made cornbread.  SO DELICIOUS!


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