2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


Crossing my fingers that no one decides to steal my identity!  Oh snap!Happy birthday, America!  Even though you very often sometimes occasionally don’t live up to the ideals written by the founding fathers and reinterpreted by the following generations of patriotic Americans, I take heart in those freedoms that you stand for: freedom of expression and religion; the freedom to dissent; the freedom to be different and diverse; the freedom to be apathetic if we so wish.  The beliefs that separate us from our enemies: no cruel and unusual punishment, a political system that transitions via free choice rather than the point of the gun, a populace that contains more opinions than people, the endless hope for perfect equality for all peoples.

America, I heart you so bad.  Even if I live abroad, and I want to continue to live abroad, I do it in large part because I want to shout to the corners of the earth how damn awesome you are.  I even love you when you piss me off.  (Except for when I’m, supposedly, not allowed to speak out about how you piss me off because maybe that will be treasonous??? I AM SO PATRIOTIC IT’S RIDICULOUS LET ME RANT, OKAY?!)  America, my dream is to work for you, to protect your citizens living abroad and to find potential new citizens so that we will never stagnate culturally, so we might remain the melting pot that distinguishes us from most other nations.  Because we are NOT a single nation, we are many UNITED, and that is what makes us a powerful State.



PS: Sorry I haven’t signed the card yet.  But I’m still voting in the next election!  Woo!


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