2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


There was lightning, too!D-Mug and I made it to Hiroshima!  Huzzah!  And there is wireless in our hostel!  HAPPY DANCES!

We got to Hiroshima around 2pm, so after lugging our bags to the hostel, we set out on a photo taking bonanza.  Luckily, D-Mug has an excellent sense of direction.  She managed to point us towards Hiroshima Castle no matter how many times I got lost (the structure in the back right).  I’m not certain what this statue is for, as the only part of the name I could read was “flowers.”  But it’s interesting, and there was a beautiful sunset getting ready to go down, as well.  Always exciting.

After this adventure, we made our way to Okonomi-Mura to eat some super delicious Okonomiyaki.  Hiroshima!  Love!

(PS, Tomorrow we do depressing things.  I.e., Atomic Bomb Museum.  Hey, Obama: Didn’t you say you were all about nuclear disarmament?  Well… get on that.  Or something.)


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