2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


FINALLY.First of all: who knew butterflies were so gorramn hairy?  That’s not adorable.

Secondly: it only took me about eight days of “BUTTERFLY!  LET’S GO… oh no, it’s gone, no photo” to get this picture.  I’m pretty sure it only happened because this poor sucker was not long for the world.  At least it’ll be immortal on the interwebs now.

Thirdly: This was taken at Miyajima (<—clickable!), and although it was beautiful (if FRIGGIN’ HUMID) there, like a dumbass I was all, “Hey, I’m gonna try and use my zoom lens for this… hahaahah!  it’ll be an adventure!”

Yeah.  Zoom lenses in something made for wide angle?  Dumb idea.  Anyhoo.


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