2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


Rain, rain, go away...We made it to Hong Kong!!! Huzzah!  And it’s a place I’ve never been, which is quite exciting.  As we were driving through the city on the bus from the airport, I commented to D-Mug that I find cities like Hong Kong fascinating.  They’re packed with people and have all the trappings of modernity, but they just appear rundown, old–one might even say “sketchy” in places.  It’s an interesting dichotomy.  According to wikipedia, Hong Kong has a population density of 6,460 people per square kilometer.  To put that into some perspective, Seattle has a density of 2,842 people per square kilometer, and Los Angeles 3,168.

Such density is noticeable right away.  The buildings are tall and packed in tight.  Things are dirty and grimy because there are just so many people.  What trees there are are hidden beyond the buildings… or on top of them.

It’s summer, which means humidity.  Coupled with the pollution smog, it’s off-the-charts gross weather.  D-Mug and I are crossing our fingers for a clear day for photos of the skyline, but I’m not exactly holding my breath.  When we arrived yesterday, the first few hours were “pleasant” until a huge thunder/lightning storm passed over!  We were caught without our umbrellas.  Luckily, we scrounged up some plastic bags and made it back to the hostel without any harm to our cameras (or my shiny new purse from Studio Ghibli).  The lightning was awesome, though.  Good thing we were surrounded by tall buildings that would attract it away from people!


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