2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


Oh my Buddha!Day Two of Hong Kong and D-Mug and I braved the excessive humidity to see at least one cultural sight.  After a brief overview of Wikipedia Travel, I suggested we visit the 10,000 Buddha Monastery.  (A bit of a misnomer, since many of the statues are actually monks and not buddhas, but nonetheless…)   So named because it contains over 10,000 statues (current count actually exceeds 12,000).

This place is so cool.

It’s totally Chinese in style.  No real idea of restoration, rather they go for replacement.  The goal is to get items looking like they did when the place was first built.  Of course, I have no idea how old this temple is.  Could be 10 years, could be 50, could be 500.  I dunno.  Still, it was really interesting in the pure inundation of buddhas.  They’re everywhere!  And so colorful!  (For example, every speck of light in this image is also another small statue of buddha, about six inches high.  They’re also individually carved, as the hand positions are different.)  The temple was also undergoing construction.  It was interesting to see the interplay of the construction and the sacred images.

Oh, and also, you could buy souvenirs inside the temple proper. (Even random ones that had nothing to do with Hong Kong or this particular temple.) 0_0  I LOVE YOU, CHINA.

After the temple, D-Mug and I went to have pizza.  Delicious!


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