2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


It wouldn't be China without some Mao.This reflects the remainder of my trip through China.  China denies any access to both facebook and wordpress, so I couldn’t update the blog.

Of course.  It’s Beijing.  You visit the Forbidden City.  It’s raining like hell, whatever, a couple thousand (maybe a solid dozen thousand) other tourists also go visit.  And while you’re there, you gotta take a photo of Mao’s giant portrait, staring down at the masses of proletariats that are going through with their lattes and their 10 kuai umbrellas who will eventually buy a great deal of stuff from the variety of hawkers that work around the area.

Dear Mao: I know you must be turning over in your grave every time someone sells something on the Free Market, but I would just like to reiterate that, you know, your country is not Communist.  It was never Communist.  Under you, there may have been a “dictatorship of the farmers/’proletariat’,” but you never reached that utopian-like state that Karl Marx dreamed of.  And now China is solidly Free Market.  More free market than America in many ways.  You have such an adorable dictatorship of a state.  And a lot of the reason Americans find your China so distasteful is because you deprived your people of freedom for such a long time that now they feel they have to snatch it from the palm of whatever they can get, lest it be snatched by someone else first.  Mao, I know you thought you were doing it for the best (or maybe it was just some overdrawn megalomania) but seriously, man, stop rocking the ego trip and get this portrait down.  It’s re-god-damn-diculous.

Lots of love from someone who really does love China,



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