2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


Eep!This is a photo of my old, decrepit tatami getting ready to be thrown into the garbage dump!  Which means, HUZZAH, I have new tatami as I type this.  And though it may smell like… something that doesn’t exist in America and therefore is hard to qualify, it’s clean and it’s not molding and it’s lovely.

The other interesting thing to note about this photo is the support beneath the tatami.  Yes, those are ordinary wood slats.  No, they don’t fit together perfectly (those fairly thick black lines between them).  Yes, that is the only separation between my house and the dirt foundation that, oh what’s that?  Oh, it leads directly outside?  Oh, right.  Oh, wait, that’s the reason I have a lot of bugs?  And also a large part of why my house IS SO DAMN COLD IN THE WINTER?!  Oh, that makes sense.

PS: My house is really old.  Like over 30 years.  So I don’t think newer buildings follow the same plans.


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