2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


Bees!Sorry about the poor quality.  Yet another time I should have taken the 30D out, but didn’t because I didn’t think about it and/or I was lazy.

In any case, today I went to visit the parents of a friend of mine.  I’d wanted to meet them ever since I heard about them because–you guessed it–the father is a beekeeper.  He has three large hives, and I thought, “Wow!  Seeing hives and getting fresh honey sounds totally awesome.”  So I drove around the back streets of Iki and ended up in the right place.  I was super lucky because, apparently, the bees decided to build a new hive.  So Mr. Bee-Keeper had waited until I visited to begin moving their new hive into the ones he makes.  To do this, he took a netting-wrapped basket and sprinkled sugar and shochu (Japanese whiskey) inside.  Then he set it on top of this giant soon-to-be nest and, of course, the bees went WILD.  They were all, “Why you bothering us,” and “Oh NOS the larva!” and “Mmmm sugar and booze, delish.”

Afterwards, I bought some Japanese honey.  According to my esteemed host, Japanese honey is super expensive (I did buy 200ml for about 2000 yen, or $22) because Japanese bees make so little.  They create about 1/8 the honey as European bees.  However, their honey is about three times as strong.  It’s recommended for a tonic to fight off colds (Hot Totties!) and also for deliciousness.  I’m crossing my fingers that the loaf of sourdough I’m attempting to make works out.


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