2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


Concrete jungle where dreams are made, ohI will readily admit it.  I’m a GLEEk.  I love this show.  I watch it like it’s crack.  I was looking forward to the second season for at least two months before it aired.  Despite the fact that I should focus on paying back my school loans, I bought the iTunes season pass so I don’t have to wait to watch it.  (By the way, Fox: WTF ARE YOU PUTTING ADVERTISEMENTS ON THIS SHOW FOR?!  I DON’T BUY IT TO WATCH EFFIN’ ADVERTISEMENTS.  IF I WANTED TO SEE THEM, I WOULD RENT OR WATCH IT ON TV, BUT I’M FRIGGIN’ BUYING IT SO CUT IT OOOOOOOOUT.)

In any case, really looking forward to this season.  And learning more about Brittany in the next episode.  🙂


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