2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


It was even more delicious than whatever you're imagining right now.This was day four of preparation for the vaunted Third Annual Iki Thanksgiving, and I made a delicious Caramel Apple Pie (<—clickable), Caramel Apple Cheesecake (<—clickable), and I attempted to make rolls and failed miserably.  (I can’t make bread.)  Around cursing the caramel (which failed the first time and sort-of worked the second, after I added a lot of flour), I also started watching a korean drama called Coffee Prince that is super ridiculous, but also awesome, and managed to eat Friday Night Curry.

Since I didn’t feel like buying an orange just to zest it, instead I used about two teaspoons of the Blood Orange Olive Oil (<–clickable) from the olive mill near-ish my parents house to make the “orange sugar” called for in the cheesecake recipe.  Combined with the vanilla beans, it created a luscious, surprisingly citric filling that was to die for.  Add the caramelized apple mixture and the exceedingly rich caramel sauce on top, and it was toe-curlingly good.  Though I still liked the pumpkin pie (<–clickable) I made even better.  (Ginger Whipped Cream = the greatest idea of all time.)


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