2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


SUMO.Sorry about the wonky colors.  I’m not very good at post-editing with my point-and-shoot.

In any case!  Today, after I taught a 75 student class (all of my third year students at once), the school inaugurated its brand-spanking new sumo practice area by inviting professional sumo wrestlers to come and hang out with the sumo club!  It was actually pretty cool.  If vicariously embarrassing.  Aside from the fact that these skinny ass boys were half dressed, they also eventually went toe-to-toe with dudes at least three times their size.  But they seemed to enjoy throwing themselves against the fat-coated-muscle (seriously, look at the middle sumo wrestler–his legs are INSANE) and pushing with all their might to no avail.  Whenever the pros did go out of bounds, it was no doubt because they wanted to.

It was also great for me to see this because I missed the national tournament in Fukuoka, which ended this last weekend.  I didn’t realize I could buy tickets the day of!  Ah well, for money reasons, it was probably for the best.

Still don’t quite understand sumo, though.  Kinda cool to watch, nonetheless.

PS IT’S DECEMBER!!! ZOMG.  Only 30 more days to go… madness…


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