2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth


Yeah.  It was cold.Spent a single day in Paris, and Nikki and I scooted over to London via the chunnel.  Despite the cool temperatures (it was actually quite fine during the daylight.  Said daylight lasted maybe four hours), we strolled to Trafalgar Square, ate some super good Chinese good, then (bad idea) visited the National Portrait Gallery.  Nikki and I are both super big fans of art and could have probably spent a full day wandering and reading (OMG, I can understand EVERYTHING here.  England = Genius!).  However, we booked it around 3:30 for more walking.  Did walk-bys of Big Ben and Parliament, the London Eye and a Christmas faire, Waterloo Station, and capped it all off with the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge (above).  By that time, I could barely feel my face (also: thighs.  Must remember to wear thermals).  But zoinks, it’s so interesting!  I love the contrast of the older gothic/marble/carefully carved architecture versus the clean lines and glass of modern buildings.

Also: I LOVE MY NEW LENS.  Seriously.  How did I live with a 50mm for so long?  Wide angle = wooooonderful.


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