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First time trying foie gras.Happy 2012, my three readers!  And holy guacamole, I finished the 365 project! But don’t worry, a few more pictures (or just one) plus an overview is to come.

The above was taken at the New Years Eve dinner Nikki and I attended.  Of course, in the morning we went a-sightseeing at Vaux le Vicomte, the chateau that inspired Louis XIV to not only arrest/kill his Chancellor at the time, but also change Versailles from a measly hunting lodge to the grand and decadent palace it is today.  And as beautiful as Vaux is, the real event of the night was eating a typical french meal (including, as you may be able to tell above, foie gras) with a lovely and kind family that Nikki knows (not her au pair family).  Not only did it include four DELICIOUS courses and lots and lots of fabulous cheese (mmm, cheese), but we had a bottle of wine with each course that was fantastic.  The one above?  An apertif (sweet/dessert) from 1990.  Nearly as old as I am!  You can’t see the electric bread warmer, but I totally want one of those, too.  The conversation was occasionally stilted as it occurred in both French and English, but it was interested and flowing and mostly unawkward.  And also, the couple’s children are adorable.

A fabulous way to ring in 2011.  Makes me never want to leave Paris!



The power of eggs.As I prepare to leave for Paris, I’ve been trying to go through the remaining food in my fridge so I don’t waste much.  Then, on Saturday, I opened up the thing to make meself some eggs and noticed that I had ten eggs left.


Now, unless I wanted to eat eggs for each meal for two days (hint: I didn’t), I realized there was only one way to solve this conundrum.  That being eggnog.  Went online, found this recipe (<–clickable!), busted out the hand-held blender and voila!  Delicious, slightly alcoholic holiday goodness.  It’s deeeelicious.  And I finally found a use for the whole cinnamon sticks and nutmeg that my mom sent me ages ago.


Bwhohwoho Shnassenfraz.Today was the last day of Friday Night Curry of 2010!  Only Nat-chan and I made it, but the curry still managed to be amazingly delicious.  Why is this the last night, do you ask, considering that there are still two more fridays in 2010?

Well!  Two reasons, my three readers.  First!  As one of those fridays is New Years Eve, the restaurant is not open.  New Years is the most important holiday in the Japanese calendar, followed quickly by O-bon (a festival for ancestors in August).  Second!  Why, we are all off traveling.  I am going to Paris and London to see my friend Nikki.  Nat-chan is flying to Australia to enjoy the summer with Megumi.  Christine is attending a wedding in Vancouver.  The J-Fresh is already in America, galomphing through the snow, and TANK will have adventures in Thailand–including white water paddling and volunteering with elephants.  (There is a reason I call her TANK.)

So adieu, Friday Night Curry!  See you next year.


Adorable!Because I can’t go a school term without cooking with at least one of my classes, this term I decided to “make” cookies with one of my elementary schools.

I pre-prepared the sugar cookie dough so the first and second year students (a whopping 13 kids in all) could have their go at rolling it out and stamping in cookies over the 45 minute class.  Hahaha, didn’t realize that I should have told them to wear their aprons.  Their shirts were COVERED in flour at the end.  But they did a great job, getting the hang of rolling really quickly–not too gently, not too strong–using enough flour, and fitting plenty of shapes in each roll.  I think they had a good time of it.

Plus, everyone was shocked by my use of the oven.  An oven, to make cookies?!  MIND BOGGLING.


MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.I present the last of my I-Love-Baking-And-Am-Proud-of-My-Skillz-and-ZOMGSODELICIOUS Christmas Cookie series.  These have always been called “Expensive Lesson” cookies (<— clickable), but they’re essentially oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with pecans thrown in for good measure.  They are friggin’ delicious.  Recommended.  Use special chocolate chips–half mint half chocolate is PHENOMENAL, and I’ve heard great things about butterscotch and cinnamon chocolate from my parents.

PS: Unless I’m doing a real cookie baking year, I usually halve the recipe.  Hard to manage without a food processor (but I totally did it in college by forcing my friends to chop oats by hand.  Heh heh heh).


MMMMMMMMmmmmm.I tried to make a giant tower of gingersnaps.  It didn’t work.

These are tasty, but snappier than the ones I make in America.  They’re usually puffy and soft, but in Japan they flatten and get harder (but still delish).  I don’t know if there’s something wrong with my baking soda, if I need to leave ’em in the fridge for longer, or if its just the gorramn ovens.  But whatevs.  I live.


MmmmmmmJust feel like showing off mine, Ava’s, and Ozeki-san’s cookie baking Skillz.  These are the best damn batch of snickerdoodles I’ve ever made.  Super soft, perfectly sweet, just enough cinnamon, and fluffy as all get-out.  Recipe here (<— clickable).  I used shortening rather than butter and also baked at 375F (190C).