2010 – Iki-shi, Nagasaki-ken, Japan, Earth

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Beautiful church and beautiful weather equals awesome.Returned to Paris!  Decided to brave Montmartre and the tourist traps (literally!) due to the absolutely fabulous weather–which lasted until early afternoon, at which point it was overtaken by cloud cover.  BUT.  Before then we got to wander around Sacre Coeur (<–clickable) with beautiful weather LIKE THIS.  The funniest thing about it was that there were hardly any other tourists wandering around behind the church.  They went straight from the church to the art market behind (also fabulous).  Took this photo from a cute little park and didn’t even have to worry about people’s heads ruining the photo.

Other visited spots: Galleries Lafayette, the Montmartre Cemetery, and the Moulin Rouge (outside only).



Badass.As I went to Ishida to drop off my friends Sabsy and James at the ferry, I noticed that the streets were busy!  There were even traffic guides!  And people walking in family units along the street!  And was that fried food? Why, it was a random festival!  (I assume for Labor-Thanksgiving Day, essentially Labor Day, for which I am on holiday today.  Hence the glut of photos from the last week that I finally had a chance to edit/upload.)

Of course I decided I needed to check it out.  I parked near XXXtine and J-Fresh’s house, and J-Fresh and I sauntered down to the port.  We arrived just in time to see one of the local taiko troupes perform.  These girls (plus one guy now!  yeah!) are AMAZING.  I’m so jealous of their ability.  They make everything look super cool.  Combined with the market food and festive atmosphere, it made for a nice afternoon to cool off from the madness of the weekend.

And now I’m off to crit some chapters that have been sitting in my inbox for, oh, at least a week…eep!


Cool tree.  In my next door neighbor's lawn.Another pretty-ful sky this afternoon as I got off work.  This was taken right next to my house, actually, as I got out of my car.  One thing to say for autumn and winter: it sure does create some gorgeous atmospheres.


:DI’d initially planned on taking a picture of a nearby fertility shrine, but as I was walking there from my car, I spotted the lovely sky and it sort-of bewitched me.

PS: Apparently my schools barb wire their pools.  Why?  I can’t imagine my students getting into somewhere they’re not supposed to.  Must be fore the mysterious Iki wildlife!


Stormy weather ahead, Ishmael.After the rainstorms of May 23rd, the weather was almost nice on the 24th.  The clouds were interesting, full of shapes and characters to find in their grey depths.  And, when the sun decided to peek out, it added an additional layer of wonderfulness.

Did you know?: Colors in sunsets and the like have to do with the particles in the atmosphere.  When the sunlight is shining directly at the earth, the only wavelengths that can make it through the particles are the higher frequencies because most of the larger ones are scattered.  But during sunrise and sunset, the angle the light reaches the earth makes it more likely for lower frequency light to reach our eyes–like oranges and reds.  🙂


Not bad for a first attempt, I'd say.Whilst in America I bought a interval timer/remote timer for my 30D because I want to take fun, long LONG exposure shots like this one, above, which was exposed for a total of six minutes.  It is my goal to eventually get one of those epic star-crossing-the-whole-photo pictures, but I realized that such photos require a lot of planning.  And probably more practice.

For instance, why is the left side brighter than the right?  Because the moon is half-full and so that side of the picture is brighter.  Also, I’m going to have to do some scoping out of places on Iki that are far from the road yet have something “Japanese-y” for a good photo.  There were way too many cars with their bright bright lights.  And finally, I think I need to research online how to do this, because trial-and-error with six minute+ exposures is not such a good idea when one is super sleepy.


And I’M CAUGHT UP ON PHOTOS!  Huzzah!  Confetti!  (Well, except now I have to take one for today–April 25th.  Hmmm…)